Welcome to Ladue Chapel Nursery School

Welcome to the joys of learning at Ladue Chapel Nursery School - a place where young children, individually and as a group, begin their quest for knowledge about themselves, others and the world in which they live. For more than 60 years Ladue Chapel Nursery School has provided the important 'first step' in education for thousands of children.

Ladue Chapel Nursery School is a nurturing environment where curiosity, friendship and play are encouraged.  We strive to provide children with a safe and engaging facility directed by adults who model kind and loving behavior.   Each day begins with a health screening completed at home then warm greetings and a temperature check from the teachers at carpool  time.  Children walk through our halls on their way to their cubby to hang up their coat and backpack.  Then off to wash hands and join the "clean hand club".  The children are ready for the day to begin...



Through the years, one thing has remained the same. Our goal to enrich the lives of our children so that their emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development may be achieved while providing a firm foundation for the enjoyment of learning and living.



Our philosophy states that a good nursery school provides opportunity for growth in children, parents, and teachers, and lays the groundwork for a democratic way of living. Children construct knowledge and learn best through play, by exploring and experimenting with the wealth of materials made available each day. The children are encouraged to be active and interested participants in the learning experience.



Our Mission is to provide a warm and happy, as well as challenging environment where children play and learn in ways appropriate to their age and development.

A First Step In Education

Program Highlights include:

  • Nature on the Move program where children learn about everything from camouflage to habitats via zoom.
  • Nature walks to explore our world.
  • Sledding when it snows and ice skating in January for our older children.
  • Our oldest classes put on a play culminating at the end of the school year.
  • An on-site library,  books can be checked out by families.
  • A physical education program, "Gym with Kim" where children learn to move and exercise in a group setting.